Data Science


Data Science


Data analysis skills have become an important competence in a curriculum of a contemporary employee. Rapid development of information technologies resulted in an increased availability of massive data sources in science as well as in business and public sectors.


Together with the availability came the demand to use these data to test scientific hypotheses or extract knowledge and insight that can then inform decision making.


 The topic of Big Data is a an important part of this trend. The size of the data available has challenged the methods, algorithms and workflows that have been used until now. It has become necessary to develop new methods and algorithms that will facilitate analysing massive data sources and bring the results instantly.


During the school participants will take part in the following classes:


Linear models for Big Data (6 hours)

Fast SQL on Hadoop (6 hours)

Identification of the informative features (4,5 hours)

BigData Analys is with Apache Spark (6 hours)