Mobile Security for 2017

e Guide from CIO and CSO indicates some of a company’s mobile security strategy.


1- Having ongoing and effective security awareness training for employees to help prevent breaches via social engineering, phishing, and other threats.

2- Create and implement a solution, such as a workspace, that allow employees to be productive and secure wherever they are, on any device they happen to be using, over any type of network.

3- Make employees equipped with some security best practice tips.


What is Amazon Go and how does it work?

Amazon Go is a brick and mortar grocery store. The first store will be open to the public in Seattle in 2017.

Shopping will be done buy using an app. Costumer could just walk in to Amazon Go, pick items and leave the store. So called “Amazon Go”. There is no need to wait in line or even check –out at a register.  While, this new technology brings some comport to costumers but will have more negative impact on sociality that is more jobs will be eliminated.

Of course there is need to have an Amazon account, a supported smartphone and the free Amazon Go app. However Amazon has not announce which smartphone can be used. But we think that latest Android and iOS phones, based on the picture above.  Customers could locate the Amazon Go store and address by using the app.

In addition the application describes the use of cameras that would take photos so that Amazon would be able to connect a product with a shopper.